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  • WSB Volunteer is a project that offers you flexible and meaningful opportunities for community service in Riyadh. The WSB inspires and empowers women of all nationalities living in Riyadh by providing them with the tools, resources and career guidance to allow them to thrive in all aspects of their lives. By creating a community that connects experience, knowledge and skills with individuals, the WSB supports women and enables them to realize their potential both now and in the future.

The information and checklist below will give you and us an indication as to some of the opportunities that we hold in the areas that are of particular interest to you .  If you need any assistance please contact us at

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It is required that you carefully read and understand the following before you proceed to volunteer for any of the opportunities you find through WSB.

By choosing to volunteer, please be aware that you may be engaging in a variety of volunteer activities. These may involve physical activity, contact with unidentified and unfamiliar persons, travel to and from unspecified locations and other potential risks of injury. As a volunteer, you will therefore, participate in these activities at your own risk. WSB does not bear responsibility for any risks, including any accident or injury to person or property that may be sustained in connection with your participation as a volunteer. It is your responsibility and legal obligation to maintain an awareness of appropriate conduct and your surroundings in order to minimize any risk to either yourself or your fellow volunteers. In accordance with the law of Saudi Arabia, WSB does not allow you to solicit any funds for any organization and bears no responsibility if any volunteer engages in this act. It is our understanding that you have no history of child abuse or neglect, kidnapping, drug use, trafficking or any criminal activity, and that if such is discovered, legal and criminal action may be taken against you as an individual, with no liability whatsoever to WSB.

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